24 BEST Things to Do in Desa ParkCity (2022)

Desa ParkCity (DPC) is an award-winning residential area in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

With the concept of a park in the city, the idea behind its design is to create a township equipped with all the facilities needed by the residents. Open to the public, DPC has attracted visitors from near and far to experience the beauty of nature, facilities, and activities offered here.

Here are the top 24 things to do in Desa ParkCity:

1. Enjoy the Sound of Nature

The Central Park of Desa ParkCity makes the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Take a stroll on the jogging trail and immerse yourself in greenery while listening to the ripple of the stream in the parks. You will be amazed at how relaxed you would feel after a walk here.

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2. Walk Your Dogs

Photo: @flatwhitekuma (Instagram)

Take your dogs out for a breath of fresh air and some exercise at The Central Park.

Desa ParkCity is one of the very few dog-friendly parks in Malaysia. If you have kids that love animals, this can be a fun experience for them too. This place is famous among dog owners, so you’ll get to see huskies, chihuahuas, and other dog breeds.

If you are lucky enough, the owners might let you pet their dogs. If you are bringing your dog, remember to have their leash on.

3. Family Picnic Along the Central Lake

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Spend quality time with your family or have a romantic outing with your partner by having a picnic at The Central Park.

The grass here is well-kept and you get to enjoy a great view of the Lake. You don’t have to cook a feast before coming here as there are many eateries within walking distance, making this the ideal picnic spot to enjoy your favourite drinks with friends and families.

4. Practice Your Photography Skill

Need a beautiful backdrop to get great, Insta-worthy photos? Look no further.

DPC has many picturesque locations and sculptures for you to brush up on your photography skills.

5. Kid’s Playground Nearby Park Entrance @ The Waterfront


Desa ParkCity is a family-friendly hangout place.

Children will definitely enjoy playing at the playgrounds. The playground features upgraded swing sets, climbing towers, and slides.

There are 3 outdoor car parking spaces available nearby the playground.

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6. Bright Lights at Park Entrance

Desa ParkCity is lively even at night for you to enjoy a little night walk.

The Park Entrance @ The Waterfront is embellished with bright decorative LED lights all year long. The lights are also revamped into themes suited for festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

7. New Year Countdown with Fireworks

Desa ParkCity has thrown grand celebrations starting from a few days before the new year.

In the past years, there have been food carnivals and live performances that end with none other than a glimmering spatter of fireworks to welcome the new year.

8. Weekend Bazaar at The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia

Don’t miss out on the weekend bazaar at The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia.

Sometimes during the weekend, Desa ParkCity hosts a bazaar where vendors offer a good selection of food, fresh produce, handicrafts, and many more. On certain weekends, the type of bazaar goes by a specific theme, like Pets Bazaar.

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9. Water Fountain at Plaza Arkadia

If you visit Desa ParkCity, don’t forget to check out Plaza Arkadia’s beautiful water fountains.

Located at the centre of this mall, this water fountain also serves as a relaxing spot to rest while your partner does her shopping.

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10. Outdoor Dining with Lake View

If you are planning to catch up with some friends, why not head over to The Waterfront?

This place has many coffee shops and restaurants with a lake view like V88 cafe, Rakuzen, Café Deli, Starbucks Reserve, The Social, and The BARN Wine Bar. This makes a perfect combination of good food, great company, and an even better view.

11. Kenny Hills Bakers @ The Waterfront

If you are a KL foodie, surely you have heard of Kenny Hills Bakers.

A growing chain of bakeries with excellent coffee, Kenny Hills Bakers offers a wide selection of puff pastries, sandwiches, and even hot food. While you are here, don’t forget to try their famous Peach Strudle which is puff pastry layered with fresh cream and mouth-watering peach slices.

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12. Jibby by the Park

Jibby by The Park is a restaurant at The Waterfront offering a wide variety of local and western delicacies.

What’s so special about this restaurant is its refreshing decoration that invokes a tranquil and cozy ambience. Most importantly, this place is Insta-worthy so don’t forget to dress up before coming to get that perfect OOTD picture.

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13. Starbucks Reserve @ The Waterfront

Get your daily dose of caffeine from Starbuck Reserve @ The Waterfront.

Overlooking Central Park and the lake, this branch carries the green theme in its interior decoration.

While enjoying your coffee, opt for outdoor seating to get a serene view of trees and calming waters.

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14. Running Around the Township


Get your adrenaline rush with a run around the township of Desa ParkCity.

DPC is a popular running spot among the Klang Valley running community. There are a couple of routes you can enjoy your run here. The most popular is the 2.2 km loop surrounding The Waterfront. All routes are lined with trees with a good nature view. Suitable for all levels of runners.

15. Steamboat Restaurants at Plaza Arkadia

If you are a fan of steamboat restaurants, Plaza Arkadia is the place to go to.

There are Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kist, and Malaysian-style hot pot available here, so you will have plenty to choose from.  

Here are a number of good ones you may try:

16. Rosso Pizza Wine Bar at Plaza Arkadia

Rosso Pizza Wine Bar is the place to go for the best pizzas and pasta.

This is an Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes made from high-quality ingredients imported from Italy. Don’t know which wine to pair with your dishes? The friendly staff will be more than happy to suggest one for you. This restaurant specializes in making fresh hand-made pasta, and you have many vegan and non-vegan options to choose from.

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17. Traditional Massage

Pamper yourself after a long week at work by visiting one of the masseuses in Plaza Arkadia.

Enjoy a traditional massage and other add-ons like body scrub and cupping. Some shops like Thai Odyssey also offer packages suited for couples, ideal for celebrating anniversaries.

18. Beauty Salons

Getting ready for a big event? Get your facial treatment, hair, and nails done at one of the many beauty parlours in Plaza Arkadia and The Waterfront.

This is a one-stop centre where you can find nail studios, hairdressers, and beauty centres.

19. Nightlife at Plaza Arkadia (more bars)

Watch Desa ParkCity come alive after sundown with the sparkling LED light, restaurants, bars, and pubs here.

Experience the vibrant KL nightlife in a lounge bar with live music performances, or just unwind in one of the many pubs and bars here.

20. Night Scenery at ParkCity Heights

A hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur, the night scenery from the peak of ParkCity Heights will take your breath away.

This peak is located in a residential area and not an official attraction. To get here, you can park your car at Plaza Arkadia and take a 15-minute walk to get to the peak.

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21. Hiking at Sri Bintang Hill Trail

For those who love hiking, there is a small hill about 1.2km away from ParkCity Medical Centre.

The Sri Bintang Hill Trail is a popular 2.3 km loop trail. Perfect if you want to experience nature in the big city, this trail is relatively easy and suitable for all hikers. It takes about half an hour to reach the top, and you will be rewarded by the view of KLCC and KL tower when you get there.

Parking is available at the roadside at the bottom of the hill, or you can park at a nearby shop lot which is 5 minutes away from the start of the trail.

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22. Children’s Activities

Want to try something fun with the little ones?

Head over to The Waterfront and let your kids explore their creative side at MY Craft Studio. This place offers a variety of arts and craft systems for the little ones to enjoy. Another art studio for children is Artworkshop. Here, your children can take up art lessons to build on their artistic nature.

23. Shopping at Plaza Arkadia


Plaza Arkadia offers a unique, Europen-inspired take to your shopping experience. It is an open-space concept mall where you can find good eats, run errands, and do your shopping. There are many coffee houses, cafes, and restaurants to choose from. So, if you can’t decide what to have for lunch, come straight here!

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24. Live in It!

desa parkcity property

What’s better than having to enjoy all the best things in Desa ParkCity? Yes, it’s by being able to reach all of them within walking distance!

Here’s what a common review you would see from the residents:

Ever since my wife and I moved to this township, we no longer feel the need to go on vacation anymore! Every day we wake up like living in a resort, enjoy all the beautiful landscaping and conveniences here has to offer. We always feel proud to be part of this beautiful community!

Terence Lim, resident of the northshore gardens

That said, with so many neighbourhoods and amenities within Desa ParkCity, it can be a headache to make the right decision. A wise approach to get the best Desa ParkCity property is through area specialists like DPC Realtor, whose team members actually lived in the DPC for many years.

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Now You Know What To Do in Desa ParkCity

If you looking for a place in KL to have a good time with your family and friends, Desa ParkCity is definitely the place to go.

It is a township with so many things to see, do, and experience for the entire family. Whether you are an avid foodie, adrenaline junky, or simply someone who wants to spend a good weekend, Desa ParkCity has something for you.

24 BEST Things to Do in Desa ParkCity (2022)
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