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If you are new to Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, Desa ParkCity is an award-winning township that is said to be a most livable area of Kuala Lumpur.

desa parkcity

Built on the land of 473 acres, this township offers a beautiful combination of eye-catching landscapes, community-centric culture, high level of security, seamless connectivity, and a large number of lifestyle treasures. It offers comfortable places with all the essentials as well as unique spaces which are more than just a place to sleep.

Here, in this post, we are going to share the top five reasons why in recent years, more and more people are looking to rent a house at Desa ParkCity.

You will also get to know how DPC Realtor, Desa ParkCity area specialist can assist you if you want to rent a property at this beautiful township.

Top 5 Reasons Why More Ex-pat are Renting a House at Desa ParkCity

Dog-Friendly Parks

If you are in the habit of taking your dog on a long walk to a local park, Desa ParkCity is an ideal location.

You can find dog-friendly parks at the township of Desa ParkCity which is very rare in Malaysia as a Muslim country.

There is a Central Park in Desa ParkCity where you cannot only enjoy a lovely blue lake and pleasing green-coloured surroundings but you can take your dog to the park as well.

the central park

Trust me, you and your dog will not get bored as you will meet some new people along your way as well. Moreover, there is the East Park and several playing fields as well that are also said to be dog-friendly places.

A Large Number of Amenities and Facilities

When it comes to amenities, Desa ParkCity holds a large number of amenities and facilities that makes it a great place to live. Besides, residential and commercial spaces, there are a lot of major to minor attractions at the ParkCity. The ParkCity Club, the Central Park, and the Waterfront are just a few perks that you can get if you rent a property in Desa ParkCity.

There is a private hospital (ParkCity Medical Centre) and an international school (International School @ ParkCity) as well. Not only this, but the township also consists of iconic retail entertainment centre known as the Waterfront.

The list of facilities that you can enjoy in Desa ParkCity does not stop here. There are a large number of eateries, supermarkets, lakes, a playground for children, and tree-lined paths. If you are fond of enjoying outdoor activities, there is a jogging path as well that surrounds the lake so you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Desa ParkCity while walking or jogging.

Watch this video to walkthrough some of the facilities and amenities in Desa ParkCity:

Massive Developments on their Way

You can witness several massive developments in the Desa ParkCity. Currently, it has a total of 36 residential and commercial phases with over 1000 homes that are under construction. The development does not stop here. Some big on-going projects are on their way such as a new condominium development of the Park Place and Park Regent that offers a new level of luxury emerges. In short, these recent developments have made Desa ParkCity rental so popular.

Great Accessibility to Major Towns

Another compelling reason that makes Desa ParkCity a good option to live is its accessibility to major towns. Through some major highways, Desa ParkCity can be accessible to other towns including Klang Valley. In this way, it just takes a few minutes of the drive if you want to visit the surrounding areas from Desa ParkCity.

Good Security

The next plus point is the high level of security that Desa ParkCity provides as there is auxiliary police that keeps a watchful eye throughout the day. All condominium and landed houses in Desa ParkCity also come with their own security too.

Watch this video to learn more about why more people are looking to rent a house at Desa ParkCity:

Which Neighbourhood is the Best to Rent?

Each neighborhood has their own pros and cons. To rent a house at Desa ParkCity, we suggest to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you prefer to live on a high rise or landed house? Please note that most high rise (or commonly called condominium in Malaysia) are pets friendly but some may require you to get a license from the council.
  • Is your children attending The International School? If yes, you might want to consider the distance between your house and the school.
  • Do you want to stay near to The Waterfront and The Central Park? For your information, The Waterfront is the key commercial area with plenty of shopping and dining options. Beside The Waterfront there is The Central Park which consists of a beautiful lake and jogging path.

Tell us your needs in the inquiry form and we will carefully pick some best available units for suggestion.

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Desa ParkCity Properties for Rent

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