The Developer

ParkCity Holdings is a local property development and investment firm. Founded in 1990, ParkCity is a subsidiary of Samling Group, a Malaysian corporation with diverse business interests in a number of countries, internationally. The success of ParkCity’s masterplan development has actually been underpinned by the ParkCity Group’s brand name value. Desa ParkCity is one of the top-selling home developments in Malaysia on account of its product leadership, prices, appeal, safety record, and way of life offerings.

Desa ParkCity Brand Values

For Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd, the master creator of Desa ParkCity and a subsidiary of Samling Strategic Group, building a self-sufficient township is to develop a “lovable” town with the human touch.

Modern technology and architectural can help create an incredible looking township with adequate amenities, safeguard and gorgeous environments but how does one guarantee a township remains beautiful down the road?

The human touch is what creates the distinction towards designing a township that is sustainable.

The developer has placed family, neighbourhood and community amongst their top 5 priorities in their brand values followed by connectivity and convenience. Being a master builder, they want to develop a large, dynamic and safe town based upon an all-embracing application of the New Urbanist and place-making principles.

Desa ParkCity is known for its excellent living setting, master plan design and urban green spaces.

Some of the popular neighborhoods here include The Mansions, Westside III, One Central Park, Adiva, and The BreezeWay.

Many are blown away by how a previous quarry mine where no plants could flourish is now an award-winning town with two man-made lakes teeming with fishes and water plants that have become well-received recreational areas for its residents and even the public.

Desa ParkCity Safety and Sustainability

Desa ParkCity was designed to honor and react to the land’s natural ecology, to establish a safe neighborhood that communicates with the environment.

An abundance of opportunities are created for citizens to live outdoors more, consisting of walking routes that link with neighbouring areas. Auxiliary police keep a cautious eye 24 hours a day, therefore it’s not unusual to see children scooting back home from school on their own.

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