The BreezeWay (Courtyard Parkhomes & Garden Condos) @ Desa ParkCity


Project NameThe BreezeWay (Courtyard Parkhomes & Garden Condos)
DeveloperPerdana ParkCity
Land TitleResidential
Site Area2.9 hectares
Property Type3- & 3½ Storey Parkhomes, Garden Condos
Completion Year2014
Total Units130
Sale Price RangeRM 1,248,000 – RM 3,600,000
Rental Price RangeRM 3,000 – RM 10,000
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The BreezeWay Layout

Type Of Property
3- & 3½ Storey Parkhomes
Garden Condos

The BreezeWay

The BreezeWay @ Desa ParkCity consists of 76 park homes (terrace unit), with built-up around 2,900 sf. Each terrace unit is assigned with 3 car parks, while the corner units have 5 car parks allocated. Keep in mind that only 1 car park is situated near the units while the rest will be situated in the condominium area.

On the other hand, there are 130 BreezeWay condo units with a built-up ranging from 1,293 sf – 1,800 sf. Each BreezeWay condo unit are assigned with 2 car parks.

Guarded by a multi-tiered security that is working 24/7, The BreezeWay Desa ParkCity comes with it a range of exclusive facilities just like its infinity pool, gym, a private garden and an event hall. You can also find child-specific facilities such as a kids pool and playground. The BreezeWay condo and park homes are one of the very rare park home-styled housings in Desa ParkCity where landed properties are offered with high-rise property facilities.

Desa ParkCity Brand Name Values

For Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd, the builder of Desa ParkCity, establishing a lasting township is to build a “lovable” township with the human touch.

Contemporary innovation and architectural can really help establish an incredible looking township with adequate conveniences, safeguard and breathtaking landscapes but how does one make sure a township continues to be appealing over time?

The human touch is what brings in the distinction towards developing a township that is sustainable.

The developer has placed family, neighbourhood and community as their top five priorities in their brand name values followed by connectivity and convenience. Being a master developer, they want to construct a big, lively and safe community based upon an all-embracing application of the New Urbanist and place-making concepts and it has been proven by how they built The BreezeWay condo and park homes.

Desa ParkCity is known for its top-notch living surrounding, master plan design and urban green areas.

Many Malaysians were shocked as a quarry mine where no plants could flourish is now an award-winning town with 2 man-made lakes consists of fishes and water plants that have turned into well-known recreational locations for its residents and even the general public.

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The BreezeWay Location

Jalan Residen 3, Desa ParkCity, 52200, Kuala Lumpur

The BreezeWay Map

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Desa ParkCity Connectivity

Desa ParkCity is strategically based in the west of Kuala Lumpur – where main highways like LDP, MRR2, Penchala Link, NKVE and Duke link Desa ParkCity to major places in the city and its areas.

A ride around the gated and guarded grounds of the well-planned township shows that business is bustling at The Waterfront, and Plaza Arkadia is quickly growing into a popular haunt for Malaysians. Weekend bazaars and month-to-month farmers’ markets pull crowds from near and far with distinct product offerings.

Located just near the boundary of PJ but still strategically within KL, The BreezeWay condo and park homes incorporate a number of upper-middle-class residential areas, for instance, Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Damansara.

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Desa ParkCity Conveniences

Conveniences within the town consist of a 300-bed ParkCity Medical Centre, The International School @ ParkCity and commercial areas – The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia.

Back in 1999 when the developer purchased the land, it was an uninhabitable place. If they did not prepare it right from the get-go, they would never ever have accomplished their ambition to build among the most liveable townships in the country.


  • The International School @ ParkCity
  • SJK (C) Kepong (3) ParkCity
  • SMK Desa Mahkota
The International School @ ParkCity


The Waterfront

Health care

  • ParkCity Medical Centre
  • Klinik Mediveron
  • Radix Clinic
Ramsay Sime Darby medical centre


  • The Central Park
  • The West Park
  • The East Park

The ParkCity Club

The ParkCity Club is an RM60-million private getaway for the residents of Desa ParkCity such as The BreezeWay. Developed to bring you into a great sense of peacefulness with its state-of-the-art and tropical design, it is the perfect place to take a break from the stresses of the day.

Desa ParkCity Property Prices

With holistic planning, the company has actually proven its skills in producing value for its property purchasers as housing price tags in Desa ParkCity such as The BreezeWay condos and park homes have climbed even in the course of a slow property market.

As an example, Plaza Arkadia SoHo units which were offering at around RM620 psf in 2013, have seen rates rise 70% to RM1,060 psf in 2016 after vacant possession.

In fact, when the market was flat last year, properties transaction in Desa ParkCity is great with 57 landed properties sold at an average price of RM1,418 psf or RM2.67 million, compared with RM1,271 psf or RM2.48 million in 2017.

Desa ParkCity Safety and Sustainability

Desa ParkCity was created to honour and respond to the land’s natural ecology, to make a safe community that communicates with the environment.

An abundance of options is developed for citizens to live outdoors more, including walking routes that connect with neighbouring communities. Auxiliary police keep a watchful eye 24 hr a day, therefore it is common to find school children scooting back home alone.

Place-making is the Initial Step

Place-making is important for the whole township development to come up with a sense of belonging among the residents of The BreezeWay and Desa ParkCity.

desa parkcity lake

Located in the heart of Desa ParkCity, it helps to motivate its homeowners and individuals in neighbouring locations to enjoy the outdoors and communicate with one another and hence developing a cohesive community.

The lake at the same time acts as a retention pond for stormwater management. Moreover, it helps to bring down the temperature of the whole township and functions as a natural air filtration system.

They believe their conviction and determination is to go beyond just offering great looking residences. They intend to set up an environment that stimulates and nurtures values that develop an equally wonderful liveable environment.

As opposed to an organic lake, a man-made lake does not come with a water-circulating ecosystem that stops the water from being infected.

This indicates the builder will need to build an ecosystem for the water to perform like in a natural lake. The bottom surface of the lake was built by 2 layers of High-Density Polyethylene (HPDE) geo-membrane to avoid water from dripping bio-waste and 2 biofiltration programs were put up to monitor the water.

Bacteria-treated lava stones from Sumatra, Indonesia, were placed under the lake as a biological filter.

Long story short, they have built a lake ecosystem that consists of biotic and micro-organisms that make it possible for the water purifying and air filtering procedure to occur organically without human interruption.

desa parkcity park

There is another lake in West Park, which is a pet-free park.

To develop a liveable urban area that is green, protected, walkable and sociable, the township has an integrated network of roads with connectivity to numerous amenities along with pathways that sports crime prevention environmental design so as to make it a safe place for its homeowners.

Desa ParkCity Residential Concept

Even Though Desa ParkCity is now one of the most sought-after townships in the country, the management of Perdana ParkCity realizes it can not count on its laurels.

Its workers are on-site and continue to handle defects correction demands although some properties have actually passed their defects liability period.

It also takes comments from The BreezeWay homeowners and residents seriously and they are taken into consideration when thinking about a development stage so that the new houses will satisfy current market needs.

For example, some landed houses were developed to minimize direct sunlight so regarding lower the indoor temperature level. Nevertheless, some residents would prefer to air-dry their clothes and hang them at their car porches, which has an effect on the looks of the residential precinct.

Keeping that in mind, the group chose to alter the style of the homes in the following real estate precinct by including a well-covered mezzanine space for laundry, allowing residents to air-dry their clothing.

Perdana ParkCity likewise believes in motivating sustainable living. For example, low emission glass (low-e glass) was utilized as it might decrease energy consumption by 60% to 70% in high-rise homes. Residents could lower the use of air-conditioning which, in the long run, could help them conserve money and decrease their carbon footprint on the environment.

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The Developer

ParkCity Holdings is a regional residential or commercial property development and investment organization.

Established in 1990, ParkCity is a subsidiary of Samling Group, a Malaysian conglomerate with varying business interests in numerous countries. The success of ParkCity’s masterplan advancement has been underpinned by the ParkCity Group’s brand name value. Desa ParkCity is just one of the top-selling residential developments in Malaysia on account of its product management, prices, appearance, safety record, and lifestyle offerings.

What Makes The BreezeWay an Excellent Location to Live or Invest?

The BreezeWay is another gorgeous area at Desa ParkCity. Apart from the reputation and address, thousands of other smart property owners invested and resided in Desa ParkCity due to the fact that they like its features like:

  • Lush streetscape and landscapes.
  • A dog-friendly Central Park.
  • Lepironia reed forming a natural safety barrier near the lake.
  • Mini roundabouts that remove the necessity for traffic lights.
  • Shady canopy of trees that ensure walking and running more enjoyable.
  • An on-site nursery and organic waste compost centre.
  • Back lakes transformed into linear parks.

In other words, The Breezeway facilities consist of a pool deck, infinity lap pool, kids’ pool, changing rooms, gym, multi-purpose hall, kids’ playground, garden pavilion and a beautiful private garden.

The BreezeWay Review

The BreezeWay is probably the nearest property to Plaza Arkadia you can live in Desa ParkCity. You only need to cross a road from the condo entrance.

If you like the convenience offered by Plaza Arkadia, The BreezeWay is an ideal choice as it is much nearer to Plaza Arkadia as compared to other properties like Westside 3 and The Northshore Gardens condo.

The BreezeWay @ Desa ParkCity review has been great since its launching in 2014. It is one of the very few developments in Desa ParkCity where you can live in the landed property while enjoying the facilities of a condo. Another special point about The BreezeWay is that it is near to both Plaza Arkadia and The Waterfront, allowing the residents more choices when it comes to shopping and dining.

breezeway dpc

The BreezeWay is an important development of Desa ParkCity TownCenter providing a combination of parkhomes and condos in a resort-like setting. The great sense of this development is designed by beautiful courtyards, unique parks and leisure facilities. The site area is 2.9 hectares. In terms of The BreezeWay layout, there are 130 condo units and 76 parkhomes offered at The BreezeWay. The built-up ranges from 1,292 sf – 1,851 sf for condo units and 2,940 sf – 3,656 sf for parkhomes. Whether you are looking for The BreezeWay for sale or rent, book a viewing from us now.

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The BreezeWay Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of units in The BreezeWay?

The price range of The BreezeWay units is between RM1,248,000 – RM3,600,000.

What is the PSF for The BreezeWay?

The current PSF for The BreezeWay is between RM825 – RM1,152.

What is the rental price for The BreezeWay units?

The rental price for The BreezeWay units is between RM3,000 – RM10,000.

How can I book for a The BreezeWay viewing?

You can book for a The BreezeWay viewing on this page.

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