The Central Park

The Central Park is a fun spot for fun, working out, hanging out, and taking cool pictures in the picturesque environment. There are well-trimmed lawns where you could enjoy a picnic with your family to take you away from the busy rush of workdays. The jogging or walking paths also allow you to stretch your legs and get your heart pumping with some running exercises. There is also the central lake at the core of the central park, where you could take a chill and unwind from the day-to-day hassle of life to enjoy some moments of relaxation in a peaceful ambience.


The walking or jogging path is 9 ft in width, and it is beautifully lined with trees, having a 1km – 2.3km range in the loop. There are also iconic park benches, beautiful lake scenery, children’s playground, landscaped park. The children’s playground has child-proof imported play equipment.

At the centre of Desa ParkCity township is situated the 13.19-acre Central Park, together with its 6.34-acre artificial lake. Residents from both within like Westside III and outside the township flock to the central park, mainly because of the public park’s pet-friendly nature, making Desa ParkCity a unique location in Kuala Lumpur. The park accommodates and has something unique for everyone, both residents and visitors, to truly enjoy a good relaxation time with loved ones, friends, and family.

Aside from the fact that the central park lights up the city, bringing life and vibrancy into the surroundings, it also brings fresh energy and a lush environment into a formerly dead site for quarrying.

The Central Park was completed and opened for public use in 2008. Desa ParkCity Holdings, responsible for the master development of the township (473-acre in size), incorporated pet-friendly features such as a pet waste dispenser. By doing so, Central Park became the first pet-friendly park in Malaysia.

For its beautiful landscape, The Central Park holds countless awards. But aside from The Central Park’s landscaping awards, it also has recognition as EdgeProp Malaysia’s 2020 Best Managed and Sustainable Property Awards for its excellent maintenance and excellent management. It currently holds Gold in the specialized category of 10 years and above.

One of the foremost objectives of Desa ParkCity township is to create soft landscaping. Along The Central Park roads, there are ribbons of green buffers, and the total area of parks and pockets of greenery span over 30 football fields. Also, the site for tree planting features top-quality topsoil and subsoil.

There are currently a cumulative of 10 aquatic plant species, 54 shrub species, 15 palm species, and 125 tree species.

Desa ParkCity created a softscape nursery almost a decade ago inside the Desa ParkCity township. The purpose was to provide solutions to immediate planting needs. Fast forward to the present day, and the softscape nursery continues to nurture countless numbers of shrubs transplanted to the park and replace dead and worn-out shrubs in other places within the Desa ParkCity township.

the central park

Because of the sheer passion and dedication put in by The Central Park owners and their team in taking care of a free public park and nursery, several public authorities have started to turn their attention towards Desa ParkCity for carrying out field studies and researches. Some of them include Shah Alan City Council, Petaling Jaya City Council, KL City Hall.

More recently, the management of The Central Park has started composting. Desa ParkCity township has over two-tenths of its land reserved for vegetation and gardens, and because of this, there is a constant supply of dried branches and leaves, which the management of The Central Park could collect for making compost

Keeping a public park such as The Central Park functional and adequately maintained demands passionate and dedicated teamwork. Everything that has to do with the operation and running of the central park is handled by the landscape, property management, and township maintenance department in Desa ParkCity township.

The Central Park welcomes everyone to enjoy its beautiful scenery and amenities irrespective of race, colour, and status. People from all walks of life can come to The Central Park and have a good time free from daily hassles and stress.

The Central Park Location

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